Accumulating Mileage

Promotions and special offers

  • opens in new window. 3miles credited for every \100 spent! Hotel booking site
  • The JAL USA CARD is settled in U.S. dollars and convenient for those who reside in the U.S.JAL USA CARD

Earn miles when you travel on eligible flight sectors in eligible booking classes using JAL Group domestic flights, JAL international flights, oneworld alliance members' flights, and JMB partner airlines' flights.

When you stay at participating hotels

Miles will be credited to your account when you stay at any of our more than 15,000 participating hotels around the world.

Earn miles from day trips or overnight stays at any of our carefully selected Onsen Ryokan partners. (Available in Japanese only.)

While you shop, and before and during your trip

Shopping and everyday activities

Earn miles when you make purchases, dine out, shop online, rent a car, or use other services before or during your trip.

Credit card purchases

You can also earn miles on everyday spending on your JALCARD or other participating credit cards.

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