The Soul of Japan

Renowned for his influence on chanoyu, the 'way of tea', Sen no Rikyū established guidelines for taking care of guests. He espoused that only through dedication with a pure heart can you share a special moment with your guest. With this, Sen no Rikyū established the foundations of Japanese omotenashi.

Omotenashi is hard to define. Often translated into English as 'hospitality', omotenashi is much more. It's a completely selfless approach to receiving guests, where a perfect balance of attentive care and unobtrusiveness is achieved to create an intimate environment of trust, relaxation and respect between those sharing the moment.

Tightly woven into the fabric of Japanese culture for centuries, the spirit of omotenashi can be felt and enjoyed everywhere. This unique brand of Japanese hospitality is sure to capture your heart and leave an ever-lasting impression.

Omotenashi at JAL

In tune with the spirit of omotenashi established by Sen no Rikyū, we strive to become the world's favorite airline through our high quality and unparalleled service. All of us at JAL, from the ground staff through cabin crew to the JAL staff behind the scenes, are inspired by the spirit of omotenashi to provide passengers with the ultimate travel experience, as well as giving them a taste of Japan.

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